The American Library Association (ALA) affirms that publicly funded libraries should remain directly accountable to the public they serve. Therefore, the ALA opposes the shifting of policymaking and management oversight of library services for the public to the private for-profit sector.”  American Library Association

We are library guardians dedicated to holding the for-profit LS&S accountable for management and policy making decisions that affect professional qualifications of staff, staff morale, and services. 

We are guardians dedicated to preserving the guiding principles laid out in the American Library Association:  diversity, equity of access, education and continuous learning, intellectual freedom and 21st Century Literacy.”

We are watchdogs committed to fiduciary oversight of taxpayer money and performance as agreed to in the contract with the city and deserved by the community.

We are advocates for freedom for all library users to find information in a manner that preserves privacy.

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