We first learned of the intent to outsource our library to LS&S during the adoption of the annual budget.  The Mayor and 3 Council members clearly tried to hide the information from the public, but thanks to one library champion on the Council (Council member Olga Diaz) the public was alerted. The community was alarmed since we had already lived through the closing of one of our treasured branch libraries, East Valley Branch Library.

A massive public turnout attended the Library Board of Trustees meetings and this advisory Board voted, unanimously, to oppose outsourcing.  A few weeks later, the City Council ignored their own advisers and voted 3-2 to pursue a contract with LS&S.  At a later meeting, the Council voted 4-1 to adopt a 10-year contract with automatic increases and significant flaws not in the public interest.  A lawsuit was filed in mid-December and is pending.

During this time, the community rose up to protect our library and our beloved librarians. We organized attendance at public meetings, held public rallies, collected over 4,000 signatures of residents against outsourcing, held media events, and encouraged 100s of communications with Council members.  Unfortunately, we lost.  Now, we are organizing to defeat those elected representatives who voted to hand over our library to a corporate interest.

More information is below but our full record of documents and actions can be found, by date, here On the Issue: Escondido Library Privatization. Please email us with questions at SaveEscondidolibrary@gmail.com.  If you find additional information that should go on this website, please send to us and we will share.